Wave Four: Combination — Dynamic NFTs

Today, we’ll be diving into the world of Dynamic NFTs.

What are Dynamic NFTs?


In short, Pythia was the best oracle in ancient Greece, and everyone paid her to know the future.

Blockchain Oracles — The Digital Pythias

However, the implementation of blockchain oracles brings with it a huge dilemma — to keep the blockchain safe from extrinsic interference or expose it to external systems that may negatively impact decentralisation?

Ok, DeFi Singapore — so what exactly are blockchain oracles? We’re getting there!

Dynamic NFTs are non-fungible tokens which are able to trigger a series of actions through the use of an oracle. In essence, they can be triggered by real-world events or interact with smart contracts and other NFTs.


Now, Imagine This

Now before we go further down the dream lane. Let’s take a look at some Dynamic NFTs in the market already.

Ether Cards x Lamelo Ball

merge. by Pak

Dynamic NFT Game — Dreams Quest





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