Wave Three: Community — Community-Owned Gaming

Kings Of Leon generated USD$2million in NFT sales for their album “When You See Yourself”

However, how has the NFT market seen further growth?

Enter the Third Wave — Community.

Just think of it this way: would Bored Ape Yacht Club or Cyberkongz be successful projects without a strong community?

However, this is where Wave 3 takes the element of Community to the next level.


Picture this: eight white words in Times New Roman font, on a black background — publicised via a tweet.

The 7,777 NFTs (aka Loot bags) on offer were immediately snapped up in a buying frenzy. In the next five days alone, Loot bags were resold for USD$46million, had a market cap of USD$180million, and floor prices of USD$46,000.

Think dungeons and dragons but with a twist — the entire community takes part in world building instead of a single game master. Artists and designers create characters, writers and storytellers determine the narratives, gaming aficionados come up with statistics, and everybody else implements whatever they can dream up in this decentralised Web 3.0 fantasy universe.

In Summary





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